Online Critical Alignment Yoga with Iris



Date: 05-12-2021 
Time: 09:30-12:30
Studio: Yoga Lab
Address: Koningsstraat 36 Amsterdam
Language: Dutch | English

This workshop is for everyone, all levels.
Max. eight persons
Investment: € 42,50

Can your habitual postures be the cause of complaints in the upper and lower back?

This workshop is an opportunity to become aware of your preferred postures and movement patterns.  Critical Alignment method offers an opportunity to break through those patterns and movement restrictions that cause physical complaints in the lower, upper back, shoulders and neck. 

Over the years, we all developed twisted, curved, bent preferred postures and movement patterns. Unfortunately, these patterns frequently lead to severe degeneration in the range of motion. In addition, we become progressively stiffer; this stiffness can have significant consequences on our well-being, leading to physical complaints. 

Unlearn your prefered postures and learn how to prevent complaints because prevention is better than cure, wouldn’t you agree? So give yourself or someone an early Saint Nicholas healthful preferred postures and movement patterns gift 🎁 

09:30-09:45 Introduction
09:45-11:00  Upper Back Class
11:00-11:15    Pause
11:15-12:30   Lower Back Class

*The workshop goes through if there is enough registration

Cancellation policy: If the workshop is cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations, you’ll receive a full refund of your investment. If you cancel up to one week in advance, a € 15,- administration fee will be charged. If you cancelled within few days before the workshop, the total cost will be not be refund.



17 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022



The primary goal of Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga (CAT/Y) is to mobilize the spinal column, restoring crucial mobility and balance. When the spine is mobile, it interacts with gravity, which means that we can release tension even during activity. Tension does not even build up in the arms, shoulders and legs when they are properly connected with the spine. 

Iris Reyes critical alignment

There are many benefits coming from relaxation. Relaxation gives us access to our primary strength system: the proper alignment of the spinal column. When the spinal vertebrae are in alignment, the deeper muscle layers (postural muscles) are activated. These small muscles connect vertebrae and keep them mobile. They are the strongest muscles in our body and they never get tired. On the contrary, they supply the body with energy. 

Without this alignment, we use the superficial muscles (movement muscles), 
which are designed for short bursts of activity, to hold our posture.
Unlike postural muscles, movement muscles fatigue, and the constant load causes them to become strained, limiting our freedom of movement. 

Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy was developed by Gert van Leeuwen.

The image you have of yourself defines how you move.

iris reyes

Hola! I am a Critical Alignment Yoga teacher and Therapist. 

My passion is to help people to discover their mind-body potential through yoga, and to inspire them to move, to develop, to transform. Cultivating awareness for a healthy posture and mindset. 

Hashani P.
Hashani P.
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Since starting CAY with Iris, my life has felt more balanced and I understand and connect to my body in a healthy way. I had previously done yoga on and off, but since starting with Iris, I have begun to really understand yoga poses and it has made me mindful about what they do to my body. Iris is always so patient and encouraging with me figuring out the capabilities of CAY as it relates to my body. This has helped me in my yoga journey immensely. I am so glad I discovered Iris and CAY yoga, it has been a blessing during the tumultuous time of 2020.


Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY) unites a workout with meditation. It unites physical strength with emotional strength. It unites detailed physical knowledge with the experience of the whole body. It unites relaxation with willpower.

CAY gives you a new experience of the word ‘yoga’, which means ‘union’. It is a deep and concrete union of the physical, the breath, the emotional and thought, observed by a silent, meditative brain which is ready to accept the ‘new’ in trust, ready to transform.

Iris Reyes critical alignment yoga


Nearly all of us experience an injury at some point during our lives. It might be a sudden injury, for example, from an accident or injuries such as the ‘repetitive strain injuries’ (RSI) that are common in workplace environments. 

You learn in therapy classes how to apply knowledge from practice into your daily life movements: sit, walk, bend and weight lifting without experiencing discomfort and tension. 

livestram AND ON-DEMAND

Julia M.
Julia M.
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I have chronic thoracale issues and the restorative critical alignment yoga specifically targets movement on this difficult to reach area. The lesson relieves the pain in such a manner that I feel like a new woman afterwards. Iris is professional and knows her stuff. I cannot recommend this class enough. Try it out for those back issues you won’t regret it.