The approach in Critical Alignment lessons is essentially different. In a class, exercises are first done with the help of a roll and strip, among other tools.

These tools help you to become aware of areas in your body that need relaxation. They also prepare your body for the asanas (yoga postures) so that your body can move freely without tension.

These lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced students. 


CAY Flow is Asanas in motion can be compared to the sequence from Asthanga yoga or the sun salutation from Hatha yoga.

First passive exercises are done with the help of a roll or strip. These exercises prepare your body for the asanas and provide a strong focus. During these preparatory exercises, a lot of attention is paid to the breathing that plays an essential role during the Asanas series.
After that, a sequence of asanas follows flowing into each other like choreography, and it is repeated with different dynamics, from slow to quick. It can feel like an intense workout! Ready to break up a sweat?

Suitable for all levels but it is not recommendable for yogis with an injury


Modern bodies spend all day sitting, so their nervous systems and muscles become habituated to a limited range of movement.

“The body accustoms to the movements most frequently made,”; meaning the body adapts to the movements it doesn’t make and become stiff in those areas.

Stretching is expansion and extension. Extension and expansion bring space, and space brings freedom. The extension is attention, and the elongation is awareness. Freedom allows for relaxation; releasing the unnecessary muscular tension in your body is relaxation!
Even if you think your body is stiff, you can bring space into it.

These lessons can be very intense and suitable for beginners and advanced students.


This class helps to improve the body posture as in light back, neck and shoulder complaints.

The spine is pivotal to this lesson. Using the help of the tools: the strip, the roll and breathing technique, the back will start to move quickly again, the body feels relieved with more space making the breath lighter and expansive.

The exercises support the restoration of balance, stability and strength in the body preventing recurrence.

The intensity in these lessons is a lot less than the Critical Alignment Yoga beginners classes; therefore very suitable also for seniors.


Private lessons give insight into your movement patterns and habits that can cause complaints. The emphasis is on learning good posture and movement in both yoga and daily movements.

These lessons are designed to your individual needs for example; you are recovering from an injury, or you are new to yoga. Perhaps you do not feel comfortable participating in the group class.

One on one classes can be a great addition to participating in group lessons. 


Keeping health and work in balance is not always easy. Good advice about posture and exercise can have a significant effect on your employees. I can help with that, for example, with good instruction and exercise against RSI and for a correct posture in the daily workplace. Workplace yoga is offered tailor-made and can take place at the company location.

How are you keeping your employees fit during the pandemic outbreak? Physical and mental stress can lead to other health concerns if we do not effectively manage stress. Think of meditation, breathing technique and yoga practice in ONE weekly class for your employees.

The whole company can join these classes via Zoom meetings. The welfare of your employees is as important as keeping your business running during these difficult times. Get in touch with me!

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