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Private Yoga at home Iris Reyes Critical Alignment Yoga

A Private Yoga Session at home

A private yoga session at home is very suitable if your work and family schedule does not aloud you to come to the studio and have a “me time moment” or you want to start with yoga and-or deepen your practice.

These lessons are designed for your individual needs for example; if you are recovering from an injury, or you are new to yoga and do not feel comfortable participating in the group class.

Private lessons give insight into your movement patterns and habits that can cause complaints. The emphasis is on learning good posture and movement in yoga and daily movements.

The private yoga classes offer you a way to balance challenging aspects of your life, for instance, a demanding career and family, relationships, stress and health. And at the same time, it supplies you with energy and joy.

Iris Reyes private critical alignment yoga classes

Suited to your needs

If you do not have time to join the group class or prefer to practice in the comfort of your home, at the office or workspace in your own time.
Maybe joining a group class is a big effort for you if you feel uncertain about your yoga level of practice or you have a health problem. The private lessons will help you develop self-confidence, strength and relaxation.

Finding balance in your life

Private yoga sessions are the perfect prop to restore the balance between mind, body and your emotional household. You gain awareness of prefered mental and movement patterns and habitual habits causing discomfort and unbalance in your overall life.

what I offer

Your own set of Critical Alignment Tools

What's Special?

I am the first and only Critical Alignment Yoga instructor to provide VIP private students with a unique set of tools service. Tools are high quality and sustainable.

Professional​ & Flexible

For private classes, you can email me or call me to schedule an acquaintance interview with me directly. This consultation is free and via Zoom. The duration is 30 minutes. On the weekends, evenings, early mornings, and during holidays I meet your schedule.

Alignment Expert

Relaxation is the first step to mobility, flexibility, strength and coordination. I am the alignment expert who helps you to move freely. Get immediate guidance and results for healthier and mindful living.

The Tools

Iris Reyes critically align yoga


Backbender | Iris Reyes critical alignment yoga online


Critical Alignment shoulder block| Iris Reyes

Shoulder Block

Critical Alignment Yoga mat/roll and rubber strip| Critically Align

Mat Roll & Strip


A new set of Critical Alignments tools will be made available to you.
You get to keep them at home and practice on your own, isn’t it great?
So, the only thing you need is to roll out your yoga mat. For the time being this service is only for residents of Amsterdam and its surroundings.

Find it challenging to motivate yourself to practice alone you can join the private FaceBook group or go to my private Youtube channel where I will be live with inspirational and motivational videos. 

do you want to practice with someone?

Do you want to practice together with your friend or partner?
Private yoga classes in the studio or at home are enjoyable to do with a friend or your partner. For some people, it removes a barrier and works as extra motivation to take a lesson with someone.


To get to know each other you can schedule a virtual appointment with me for a maximum of 30 minutes. Just like you, I am very busy nevertheless, I hope you can find a time in my appointment calendar that suits you best. Looking forward to having a chat with you and seeing if we can work together. This meeting is free and via Zoom.

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Who can benefit from private yoga sessions?

The private sessions are ideal if you have a tight family-work schedule and you can not participate in the group classes or you are suffering from:

• Lower back, neck and shoulders pain
• Stress
• Lack of energy
• Poor Posture
• Sleeping problems
• Injury (recovering)
• Breathing problems
• Shortage of strength
• Mobility absence

Critical Alignment Yoga met Iris Reyes

Packages and Prices

You can choose out of the following packages. 

Packages for one person alone

• 3x Session of 60 minutes € 210,-
• 5x Session of 60 minutes € 350,-
• 10x Session of 60 minutes € 700,- | VIP tools services *

Packages for Duo (with your friend or partner)
• 3x Duo session of 60 minutes € 255,-
• 5x Duo session of 60 minutes € 425,-
•10x Duo session of 60 minutes € 850,- | Duo VIP tools services *

*A set of tools are available to you which you can keep at
home and practice on your own time!


Make a virtual appointment today to
start soon your private practice.