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critical alignment yoga and mindfulness retreat


This retreat is suitable for EVERYONE with or withoutyoga experience and accessible for EVERYBODY

 09th – 16th APRIL


 08th – 15th OCTOBER


Yoga Retreat Algarve | Critically Align | Iris Reyes | 2022


Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY) is a unique yoga form. It unites medical thinking, meditative movements and western psychology with Yoga. The result is an effective method for deep relaxation, both physically and mentally. By linking these currents, Critical Alignment is a new concept in contemporary yoga practice.

Critical Alignment Yoga focuses on spine mobility using tools to isolate trapped tension and slowly dissolve it into energy. Breathing and gravity play an important role so that space and lightness can be experienced in the body and the spine regains its mobility.
Good alignment means that the body can move freely without tension. You move from stress to FREEDOM. Feelings as relief, energy, space, lightness, JOY become tangible. 


Do you listen to your body?
Frequently you hear that call for attention from your body. Subtle body signs repeatedly start to appear. Sadly, those slight ailments can worsen if you do not recognise or understand those physical signs.
You are too busy multitasking: building up your business, kids, family, LIVE, all that clouds your mind. As a result, stress slowly clings to your body, and physical problems/issues emanate from there. Negative feelings and thoughts arise due to these issues. So when do you start to listen to your body?
When it is too late?.

Critical Alignment Yoga is a well-founded method for learning to break through harmful preferred postures and movements and negative thought patterns caused by the build-up of chronic stress, among other things. This can be of great value in preventing and solving all kinds of physical and psychological complaints, for example, problems with the musculoskeletal system, anxiety and depression. It is also helpful in developing a light, agile and open body posture, and thus this method can make a significant positive contribution to the quality of your life. This retreat invites you into the time and space for deepening. To feel what is there to be felt, connect with yourself and others, and enjoy!

Stress is the primary cause of gradual increase in tension and complaints

Busy Bee!

If you are always busy, busy, busy, you lose yourself.
Certainly, if you operate constantly from the automatic pilot.
Running from work to home, kids, family, social and working interactions and the illness of a relative can throw your stress level overboard. 

You now need time for YOURSELF!!!

Taking time for yourself is not a luxury matter. It is a NEED! 
Needs are meant to be fulfilled; it’s necessary to explore, understand, and resolve those unfulfilled needs to enjoy the “Here and Now.” The present moment is all we have. Occupying yourself with the future or dwelling on your past are counterproductive behaviours, just as your unfulfilled needs lead to negative feelings.

Explore your body/mind yourself with an inspiring mix of MINDFUL, dynamic, meditative practice throughout this insightful week.
Heal your body-mind and soul with a lasting experience. 
Find your true source of energy. Then, restore your body to its original value.

Nondualistic thinking

When we operate from non-dualistic thoughts, our sensations take on a new meaning. From the non-dualistic thoughts, we experience. We explore our boundaries in this safe environment called the body. Your body. You scan your body for tension/stress from a neutral brain. A neutral brain that can oversee the whole.


You zoom in and isolate that area of your body. What sensations or thoughts do arise? Where do you feel resistance? You observe your responses.
Do you flee, fight or freeze? What is your automatic – usually unconscious – response? This response is enthralling because this same behaviour also occurs in everyday life when you experience stress.

Mindful living

Becoming aware of these automatic responses during this yoga retreat is a valuable opportunity to break through them and find an answer based on relaxation and stillness. When stress is not active, you experience rest, calmness. Can you apply what you learn on the mat in everyday life under different circumstances? 

stress also affects your posture and your movement in a negative way

The Venue

Iris Reyes | Critical alignment yoga | Algarve retreat


Casa Cales is located on a hill just outside Loulé with sweeping views of the sea in the distance and closer to Loulé, a lovely relaxed old town in the middle of the Algarve. 

From 1998 to 2018 this was a meditation place for students of the School of Light. Together they built this place and called it Monte na Luz.

In 2020 this beautiful piece of land was purchased by the Cales family. Because the place has been quiet for about 3 years and no maintenance was done, there is still work in progress but not disturbing

Iris Reyes | Critical alignment yoga | Algarve retreat


The centre of Loulé is only 5 minutes away by car. Via an old path, you can walk from Casa Cales to the centre of Loulé in 25 minutes.

The Mercado on Saturday is worth a visit. Then the farmers from the area offer their own products such as fruit and vegetables, almonds, honey and olive soaps. Around the market are many coffee shops and shops.

Loulé is an old town founded by the Moors. Walking through Loulé you see that part of the old Moorish street pattern is still intact. There are also old fortress walls and Moorish baths in the village/town.

Loulé has a Mediterranean climate that is partly determined by its inland location and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. The winter months are mild, the only frost for the first time last winter! The summers are pleasantly warm with an average daytime temperature of around 30 degrees and the evenings are wonderfully sultry, but always take a scarf or cardigan with you because sometimes a fresh sea breeze suddenly blows on the mountain here…

Yoga Retreat Critical Alignment


The nearest beaches, Praia de Loulé Velho, Praia do Almargem and Praia Olhos de Água are a 25-minute drive away.

See more about the location.
Their website is in Dutch but it will give you an impression. Come back to this page to keep on reading or to request a reservation.

Iris Reyes | Critical alignment yoga | Algarve retreat


There are 14 sleeping places, these are spread over 8 rooms with a private bathroom in the ‘Main House’ on the top floor. All rooms have a terrace with a view. There are three single rooms, four double and one triple room. On the ground floor, adjacent to the general living room and kitchen, there is a terrace with a sea view where we eat together. All around the main house, there is Free WIFI.

Our chefs’ vegetarian and vegan meals are delicious for everyone. In the morning after the meditation, there is a breakfast table with muesli, fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds, bread, cheese and honey. The afternoon extensive lunch with something warm and salads. Dinner is light with lots of vegetables.

For gluten-free or low-carbohydrate, there is always a choice! (Please report allergies in advance).There is water, coffee and tea available all day long. Beer and wine in the fridge.

If you still need something different or extra to eat, there is an extensive choice of restaurants in the area. On Wednesdays is the free afternoon/evening, then there is still something in the fridge or you go out for dinner.


There are places and seats everywhere where you can be by yourself.
Behind the ‘Main House’ is the swimming pool with sun loungers and further on is the large Yoga Shala. There are extra yoga mats for outside to do exercises by the pool or under the shade of the trees on the yoga field.

Around the mountain, you can go in all directions for a short walk. Go for a long walk, the Via Algarviana (300 km from East to West). Drive-by car to the sea or into the hinterland, where there are rivers and waterfalls in spring and autumn.

the week program

Arrival from 16:00
Saturday 09 April 2022 
Saturday 08 October 2022 
Welcome Dinner 19:00

Sunday |Monday | Tuesday | Thursday | Friday 
•Meditation class 08:00-09:00
•Breakfast: 09:00- 10:00
•CAY class 10:15-11:45 
•Lunch +/- 12:00-12:30
•Flow class 17:30-19:00
•Dinner +/-19:30-19:45


•Meditation class 08:00-09:00
•Breakfast: 09:00- 10:00
•CAY class 10:15-11:45 
•Lunch +/- 12:00-12:30 

Free afternoon/evening!

Departure before 11:00
Saturday 16 April 2022
Saturday 15 October 2022
•Breakfast: 09:00

  • SINGLE ROOM € 950,- p.p.

•A last-minute booking requires a payment of 100% of the total price

• Last-minute bookings are bookings made from the 1st of September 2022


• Includes all meals, drinks, all yoga classes and taxes!
• Flight ticket and transfer from and to the airport not included

be your own source of energy


Book your flight ticket to Faro

Need a car?
•Taxi from and to Faro airport charges €30 to €35 as standard.

•Taxi can also be booked in advance via the internet. We have good experience with
The price is € 26.00 per taxi for 1 to 4 people.

•Rent a car via: ± € 20 per day 

Yoga Retreat Algarve | Critically Align | Iris Reyes | 2022

In the energy of space, I feel inspired, in the energy of rest, I feel safe!!

Always good to know

•A last-minute booking requires a payment of 100% of the total price

• Last-minute bookings are bookings made from the 1st of September 2022

•A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price if the reservation is made before 1st September 2022
•The rest of the payment is due four weeks before arrival.
• The deposit of 50%, as well as the full payment, is fully refundable if the pandemic and regulations of both countries The Netherlands and Portugal do not aloud us to travel.
Terms and conditions

We live uncertain moments, and we have learned that everything can change quickly. We must stay, therefore, realistic but also optimistic. However, if the pandemic does not give us the space to enjoy this week full of good vibes and energy, you’ll receive all your money back. Nevertheless, I hope to welcome you to the beautiful and peaceful Casa Cales.